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Logistics services

and forwarding activities

Freight forwarding activity is an integral element of the effective implementation of cargo transportation not only for the client, optimizing his financial, labor and other costs, but also for our Company, which directly carries out cargo transportation, which allows us to position ourselves as a reliable business partner and disciplined player in the market logistics services.

Warehouse services

The company's warehouses provide a full range of services for the storage and processing of goods. The premises are kept at a constant temperature and humidity all year round; storage in refrigerators is provided. Accounting for the movement of goods is carried out using the WMS system, as well as proprietary software products. On the territory of the warehouses, modern access control and video surveillance systems are used.

Customs services

Our Company offers a full range of customs services: customs declaration, statistical declaration, services for filling out a document reflecting the calculation and payment of the recycling fee (RS), electronic preliminary notification (EPI) of customs authorities, including the provision of security for the payment of customs payments.

Logistic operations can be performed both separately and as interrelated elements of a complex of logistics services

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