Railway transport is a universal mode of transport

Rail transportation, along with road transportation, is a popular option for moving a wide variety of goods. Due to the capacity of containers, in this way it is possible to deliver bulky cargo in large quantities in cases where it would be necessary to rent several trucks or cargo planes. This method of transportation is chosen in cases where:

  • The goods must be delivered strictly on time. Unlike road transport, which can be delayed at the border, or air transport, the flight of which is often delayed due to weather conditions, the transportation of goods by rail transport is carried out without delay.
  • It is important that products arrive safe and sound. When using other methods of cargo transportation, theft or damage to the cargo sometimes occurs. When choosing rail transport, this risk is minimal.
  • You don't want your delivery to be dependent on the weather. Black ice can become a hindrance for trucking, and bad weather can postpone or even cancel a flight, while transport moves along railways in any conditions.
  • It is important for you to save money. In cases where door-to-door delivery of cargo is not a prerequisite, it will be more profitable to use the container method of moving products. 

Thus, if you need to quickly and reliably move a large consignment of goods — contact RUE "Beltamozhservice". A staff of experienced specialists will cope with tasks of any complexity, including the correct execution of accompanying and customs documentation, ordering wagons and containers of the required capacity, choosing the most optimal route, and other duties. Throughout the route, you will receive prompt information about the location of the cargo and its condition. We also offer you to use the multimodal service and deliver the goods from the railway depot to the final destination. 

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Professional advice about railway transport

Order wagons and containers

Choosing the best route and filling in accompanying documents

Operational information about movement of cargo

Filling related transportation of documents

Transportation of goods in containers

An extremely promising direction of railway transportation is the organization of transportation cargo in containers. These transportation together with the involvement of road transport to the initial and final stages of cargo delivery become the most optimal logistic solution in the modern world. Owning a new fleet of flat wagons (over 100 units), RUE Beltamozhservice organizes container trains in the direction of the Republic of Belarus - PRC - RB.

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"Beltamozhservice" won the prestige award of the Nizhny Novgorod Region "Man of the Year" in the nomination "Two Countries - One Economy"

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