Road transportation is the fastest, most reliable and inexpensive way to deliver goods
, is the most convenient delivery option for customers

Having our own vehicles of Euro 6 class, including refrigerators, allows
to organize the delivery of goods to any country "door to door" as soon as possible.

Full package of services

Our company carries out transportation of large-capacity containers, dangerous goods, groupage and general cargo. Our experienced logisticians will offer the best route for each client, tailored to individual needs.

Road transportation is rightfully considered one of the fastest and most convenient ways to move goods. Aircraft, maritime and rail transport can only deliver cargo to certain destinations — airports, seaports and depots. And the truck can arrive anywhere, which saves you from additional transport costs. And this is not the only plus, thanks to which many company owners choose trucking.

Advantages of Road Transport

  • Speed. The movement of goods within the Republic of Belarus and outside the country is carried out as quickly as possible due to the mobility of transport.
  • Versatility. Transportation by road allows you to work with both dangerous and non-standard cargo.
  • Affordable price. Door-to-door delivery eliminates additional costs, and therefore is often cheaper than similar methods of moving goods. 
  • Responsiveness. Unlike maritime transport, trucks rarely miss the delivery schedule, especially when it comes to moving around the Republic of Belarus.
  • Move control. Experienced logisticians not only create the optimal route for transport, but also control the movement of trucks throughout the trip.

By contacting RUE "Beltamozhservice", you get the full range of necessary services. Delivery of cargo, selection of suitable transport, paperwork, our experts will take over. You will only have to wait until your products reach their destination safe and sound.

Trucking news

"Beltamozhservice" won the prestige award of the Nizhny Novgorod Region "Man of the Year" in the nomination "Two Countries - One Economy"

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