Transport and forwarding activities


RUE 'Beltamozhservice' provides a range of freight forwarding services for the delivery of goods both from the Republic of Belarus to the People's Republic of China and from the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Kolyadichi station) by container trains with the possibility of further dispatch of goods by road or rail by transport to the CIS and EU countries. Estimated travel time on the route China - Belarus (Kolyadichi station): 15-16 days

Cargo transportation

-transportation of goods by refrigerated semi-trailers
-transportation of standard cargo
-transportation of bulk cargo 90-100 m3
-transportation of groupage cargo
-transportation of goods requiring temperature control
-container transportation (40 feet)


We ensure the safety of the cargo and the organization of timely delivery to the consignee. It includes a set of measures for registration, transportation and monitoring of the condition of the cargo at each stage of its movement.

Multimodal transportation

We carry out the transportation of goods, in which various types of transport are combined. Having our own transport allows us to reduce the cost and speed up the shipment and delivery of goods.

Terminal services

Warehouse services, storage of goods,
consolidation and picking, cargo sorting, palletizing.
Control before unloading and loading - recounting, weighing, checking the safety of the cargo.

RUE 'Beltamozhservice' is aimed at organizing high-quality and competitive service that allows the client to receive the most complete range of services for the delivery

Our service includes:

Consulting on the organization of cargo transportation

Development of individual logistics chains for the movement of goods

Contract transport and logistics services

Determining the need for rolling stock

Choosing a mode of transport

Determining the stages of transportation and calculating the cost of transportation

Coordination of the scheme of the route of cargo transportation

Organization of the process of cargo transportation by any type of transport

Registration of shipping and other documents required for the carriage of goods

Obtaining permits from control authorities for the export and import of goods

Customs representative services

Electronic declaration

Securing the payment of customs duties, including securing the payment of customs duties and taxes (surety) within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union

Electronic preliminary notification of the customs authorities of the Eurasian Economic Union and EU countries

Warehouse handling services at 8 transport and logistics centers

Customs escort of goods, ensuring their safety

Information Services


Acceptance of cargo at the point of departure and destination (checking the number of places, weight and condition of the cargo with fixing its results in the shipping documents)

Settlements with participants in logistics activities

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