«Beltamozhservice» retail stores of alcohol

Our stores feature unique brands of wines and spirits produced in France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and other countries.

*Within the framework of the legislation, the site does not indicate the range and cost of alcohol. We invite you to visit our stores.

We offer quality drinks at an affordable price

Best price

We offer the best prices, as we purchase products directly from manufacturing plants, deliver them by our own transport, customize them in our own warehouses (TLC) and cover them with excise stamps.







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Making gifts just got easier!

Retail stores «Beltamozhservice» offer gift certificates in denominations of 30, 50, 100, 150 BYN.
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Store Addresses

19 throughout the Republic of Belarus.


Legal address:

223049, 223049, Minsk region, Minsk district, Shchomyslitsky village council,
17th km of the Minsk-Dzerzhinsk highway, administrative building, room 75
Address for correspondence:
220036, Minsk, Lermontova street, 27, office 312

+ 375 17 259 75 93

+ 375 17 259 75 90

+ 375 25 975 91 (fax)

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