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We offer a full range of customs services: customs declaration, statistical declaration, services for filling out a document reflecting the calculation and payment of the recycling fee (RS), electronic preliminary notification (EPI) of customs authorities, including the provision of security for the payment of customs duties.

We will place your goods under any customs procedure

release procedure for internal consumption

export procedure

customs warehouse procedure

processing procedure outside the customs territory

customs processing procedure

territory temporary removal procedure

consumption re-import procedure

free customs zone procedure

destruction procedure

procedure for temporary import (admission)

procedure of refusal in favor of the state

free warehouse procedure

Special customs procedure

re-export procedure

duty-free procedure

customs transit procedure

A customs representative (otherwise called a customs broker) is a legal entity that performs customs operations in the interests of the declarant (customer). The activities of a customs representative are regulated by national legislation, it implies inclusion in the register of customs representatives and the mandatory presence of specialists in customs declaration on the staff.

Simply put, a customs representative is an intermediary between a subject of foreign economic activity (importer, exporter or carrier) and the customs authority. The relationship of the customs representative with interested parties is built on a contractual basis.

In the context of a rapidly changing global economic situation, customs legislation does not stand still, constantly improving and unifying, in turn, the customs representative must own the current changes, apply them in practice and promptly notify and advise the accompanied subjects of foreign economic activity.

Acting on behalf and on behalf of the represented person, legal or physical, the customs representative gains access to various types of documents and information provided by the client, ensuring the confidentiality of the information received, using it not to the detriment and exclusively for customs purposes, while the information systems of the customs representative is also well protected.

One of the main functions of a customs representative is the declaration of goods (imported, exported, or transit) using special software products, namely, drawing up a declaration and submitting it to the customs authorities, which is a complex and responsible process. It would seem that an insignificant mistake can lead to serious administrative and financial consequences, while the customs representative bears joint responsibility with the declarant, therefore the role of a highly qualified customs declaration specialist is so important and in demand.

There are many factors and arguments that influence the choice of a subject of foreign economic activity. How to build communication with customs: independently or through an intermediary - a customs representative? But if you value your resources - time, financial and, which is not unimportant, psychological, the choice is obvious - professional outsourcing!

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