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This software product is designed to generate reports submitted by residents of free economic zones to the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus. The program provides the following features:
- View a detailed list of imported raw materials, materials, fixed assets; exported finished products; raw materials and materials exported as part of finished products;
- Compatible with accounting software;
- Correction of product details;
- Formation of consumption rates;
- Import rate rates;
- Import of the list of goods (TNVED code, name) ;
- Ф Resident reports generation free economic zones on imported, stored, manufactured, processed, purchased and sold on the territory of the FEZ and exported from its territory goods provided in electronic form in accordance with the Resolution of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus dated 13.02.2007 No. 22 "On the establishment of requirements to formats and structures of electronic copies of customs documents and information provided to customs authorities by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs electronically " .

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