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Automated Workstation "PTO"

The software product Automated Workstation "PTO" is intended for the activities of a customs agent in the provision of services. AWP "PTO" provides the following functions:
- Maintaining a database of clients, concluded contracts of various types, price lists with prices for services provided and amounts of remuneration for completed customs operations;
- Formation of documents and maintaining a database of invoices, acts of work performed (services rendered), automatic calculation of the cost of services;
- Formation of VAT invoices;
- Formation of printable forms of all used documents and output of documents for printing;
- Generation of various reports (registers of concluded contracts, reports on services rendered, etc.) for any period of time;
- Ability to create any number of custom reports. Built-in report designer;
- Formation of reports of the customs agent on completed customs operations in accordance with the resolution of the State Customs Committee of 31.01.2008 No. 11.

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