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Beltamozhservice is a reliable customs representative

The activity of Beltamozhservice as a customs representative is the first and main one since the establishment of the enterprise in 1999.

Since 2004, Beltamozhservice has been included in the register of customs representatives of the Republic of Belarus. As a customs representative, Beltamozhservice performs customs operations on behalf of the declarant or other interested persons on the territory of the member state whose customs authority is included in the register of customs representatives, in accordance with international treaties and acts in the field of customs regulation.

Specialists in customs declaration of the enterprise are located in all regions of the Republic of Belarus, both in internal and republican customs clearance points. This has allowed us to quickly and efficiently provide the services of a customs representative throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus for more than 23 years.

Consignments of declarants' goods are easily placed under such customs procedures as:

customs procedure of release for domestic consumption;

customs procedure of export;

customs procedure of customs transit;

customs procedure of the customs warehouse;

customs procedure of processing in the customs territory;

customs processing procedure outside the customs territory;

customs processing procedure for domestic consumption;

customs procedure of the free customs zone;

customs procedure of a free warehouse;

customs procedure of temporary importation (admission);

customs procedure of temporary export;

customs procedure of reimport;

customs re-export procedure;

customs procedure of duty-free trade;

customs destruction procedure;

customs procedure of refusal in favor of the state;

special customs procedure.

If it is necessary to inform the customs authorities in advance about the arrival of goods on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. Beltamozhservice specialists will provide electronic preliminary information about all goods being transported, as well as provide security for the payment of customs duties and taxes, if required. Also, based on the information received from the subjects of foreign economic activity about the goods and vehicles being transported, the company will provide a financial guarantee (collateral) for the transportation of goods and vehicles under customs control on the territory of the countries of the European Union/The European Free Trade Association, if a financial guarantee is a necessary condition for such transportation.

In the case of foreign economic activity with counterparties who are residents of the Eurasian Economic Union, Beltamozhservice specialists will register a statistical declaration with the customs authority, which is a currency control document. The document is registered with the customs authorities using information systems and technologies and is presented as an electronic document for the purposes of statistical accounting of foreign trade transactions in terms of shipments (receipts) of goods. The total value of the commission of customs operations in respect of which are not performed because of one or more facts of shipments (receipts) of goods is the equivalent of 3,000 euros or more.

When crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus, if it is necessary to declare goods purchased in third countries, Beltamozhservice specialists will draw up and submit a passenger customs declaration to the customs authority. When declaring vehicles for personal use, in addition to the passenger declaration, specialists will register with the customs authorities a document reflecting the calculation and payment of the disposal fee.

The company "Beltamozhservice" has established itself as a reliable customs representative for many years. Therefore, subjects of foreign economic activity who are clients of the company turn to us for the declaration of shipments of goods repeatedly.

All information about the provision of customs representative services can be obtained by calling unified short number 197, as well as an international number +375 33 911 11 97

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