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"Beltamozhservice" is an authorized economic operator of type III

"Beltamozhservice" is an authorised economic operator, the company was included in the register of authorised economic operators of the Republic of Belarus since 27.05.2011.

With the entry into force of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union on 1 January 2018, "Beltamozhservice" became the first logistics company in the territory of the Republic of Belarus to receive the certificate of the authorised economic operator of the third type.

This status provides the opportunity to use a wide range of special simplifications to reduce the costs of customs operations and improve business efficiency. For example, customs operations related to the arrival of goods in the customs territory of the EEU, departure of goods from the customs territory of the EEU, customs declaration and release of goods on a priority basis. Or failure to provide security for the fulfilment of the obligation to pay customs duties, taxes, special, anti-dumping and countervailing duties when placing goods declared by an authorised economic operator under the customs procedure of customs transit in cases when such security is required. At present, the EAEU acts provide 17 simplifications for authorised economic operators.

The set of simplifications provided to Type III Authorised Economic Operators is aimed at speeding up customs operations, as well as warehousing and logistics operations. This allows to provide participants of foreign economic activity with comprehensive services of high quality in the shortest possible time.

For transport and logistics services, you can contact "Beltamozhservice" on the single short number 197, as well as on the international number +375 33 911 11 97.

"Beltamozhservice": always on time!

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