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Beltamozhservice: always one step ahead

Beltamozhservice organizes cargo transportation to any country of the world, using all types of transport available on the market, making optimal transportation schemes at favorable prices.

The Republican unitary Enterprise "Beltamozhservice" is an actively developing company, the largest 3PL operator, the leader in the market of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Belarus.

ТTransportation, forwarding, declaration, labeling, storage, insurance are far from a complete list of services offered by Beltamozhservice. The main task of the company is to organize the work of all departments and services in such a way as to save time and finances of customers. This approach combined with professionalism, innovation and quality allows Beltamozhservice to be a perfect leader in its business.

The hallmark of the company is the provision of packages of solutions for business – from consulting on foreign economic activity, obtaining permits, classification of goods, organization of delivery of raw materials and components, their customs clearance to the development of logistics routes for export, import of products, cargo escort anywhere in the world.

The implementation of an integrated approach will also be facilitated by a new VIP service launched in March this year – the Beltamozhservice Service Center. It houses specialists from different areas of the company's work who are ready to organize the entire range of logistics, freight forwarding services, customs representative services and other services.

Exchange activity

In its work, Beltamozhservice actively uses the exchange mechanism as a modern and effective tool for conducting trade and procurement. The company participates in stock trading as a trader. Additionally the company has the status of a broker of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange since 2019. In this capacity, it actively assists Belarusian and foreign companies in concluding transactions on the exchange-trading platform. One of the significant joint projects of BUTB and Beltamozhservice in recent years has been the organization of export deliveries of Belarusian goods to China through container transportation.

Logistics loses all meaning in the absence of a purchase and sale transaction, the same as trading on the stock exchange is impossible without moving goods from the seller to the buyer. Accordingly, digital tools and services provided by the exchange platform should be considered together with transport and logistics services.

The cooperation between the logistics operator and the exchange is expanding as much as possible and today is reaching a new level: a project has already been launched to provide comprehensive services in the field of cross-border trade. Its aim is to create a single electronic platform that combines the digital services of the exchange platform and the logistics operator. Thus, a unique tool for business is being created. The tool provides an opportunity to search for partners online, conclude contracts with them and immediately organize the processing / storage and delivery of goods. Moreover, these can be both transactions between residents of the Republic of Belarus and foreign trade operations involving foreign counterparties. Such pooling of resources will certainly open up new opportunities for national enterprises and increase the efficiency of their activities in the domestic market and abroad.

Freight forwarding services

Beltamozhservice organizes cargo transportation to any country of the world, using all types of transport available on the market, making optimal transportation schemes at favorable prices. Beltamozhservice has its own fleet of fitting railway platforms, containers and heavy trucks of Euro class 6. One of the advantages of the company is also the availability of its own railway access roads and container platforms.

Beltamozhservice has the status of an air broker since 2020. The relevant certificate issued by the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus confirms this. This status provides an opportunity to conclude direct contracts with any airlines.


Beltamozhservice provides a range of services for the recoupling/reloading of vehicles traveling from the European Union to the EAEU. The list of specially designated places for cargo operations and interception includes the following Beltamozhservice infrastructure facilities: Brest – Beltamozhservice TLC, Brest – Beltamozhservice-2 TLC, Brest – Beltamozhservice-3 TLC, Kamenny Log – Beltamozhservice TLC, waiting areas of the electronic queue system for vehicles (interception operations): Benyakoni, Berestovitsa, Grigorovshchina, Urbany (site in the village of Murazhy, highway H2126).

At the facilities of Beltamozhservice, operations are carried out in a round-the-clock mode, there is an opportunity to use a range of warehousing services, as well as to perform cargo operations with goods. In TLC "Brest-Beltamozhservice-3" a unique advantage of the Belarusian transport system is realized: availability of wide and narrow formats of railway gauge: containers are reloaded from European gauge (1435 mm) to Belarusian and Russian wide gauge trains (1520 mm) or the other way around and transported to their destination.

In addition, Beltamozhservice, as the largest logistics operator, provides transportation services for the delivery of goods from the points of transhipping/reloading of goods to the final consignee. At all places of arrival of goods specialists of Beltamozhservice RUE are ready to provide services on transit declarations, guarantees for transit of goods, including to the territory of EU countries (T-1), insurance, as well as other related logistics services.

Customs representative services

"Beltamozhservice offers a full range of services related to the placement of goods imported into the Republic of Belarus, as well as exported abroad, under the required customs procedure. Registration of import, export, transit declaration, electronic preliminary informing of customs authorities, including provision of security for customs payments, statistical declaration of goods within the EAEU - all services are rendered qualitatively, in a short period of time and at a reasonable price.

Warehousing services

Beltamozhservice owns modern transport and logistics centers of class "A". The warehouse complexes are located in the direction of the main trans-European transport corridors. The capabilities of these centers allow to provide a full range of logistics services: distribution, consolidation of goods, labeling, handling of goods arriving by road and rail (narrow and wide gauge), as well as handling of containerized cargo and other necessary operations with goods. The warehousing complexes of Beltamozhservice have a GDP certificate, which means that they meet high international standards for handling and storage of medicines in warehouses.

Beltamozhservice actively serves commodity flows between the Republic of Belarus and European countries, EAEU countries, and the PRC. Recently, the company as a national logistics operator has been actively working on reorienting cargo flows and building new logistics routes, directing its activities to the East and Southeast.

IT solutions for business

"Beltamozhservice is engaged in the development of software products and complexes. The company creates, implements and maintains software products in the field of customs and warehousing services. Among the most popular ones are the e-Declarant checkpoint, AS FEZ, Customs Carrier PM, PTO ARM and BTS: Specialist ARM. Reliable and functional software from Beltamozhservice accounts for 60% of all logistics programs sold in the domestic market.

The company provides modernization of software products in accordance with changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, under the business process of the enterprise, taking into account the needs of customers, as well as technical support 24/7.


The company actively invests in the development of its own retail network BELTAMOZHSERVICE, which currently includes more than 50 stores. Due to direct, without any third-party organizations' involvement, the retail network trade objects offer at attractive prices products of the world's leading manufacturers, as well as a wide range of goods of its own brand.

For more than 23 years of its establishment and development Beltamozhservice has proved to be a reliable partner. Over the years, the company has been doing its best to help its customers save time and resources. Choosing Beltamozhservice, clients appreciate it. The motto of the company "Always on time!" today can be supplemented with full confidence with the phrase: "And always one step ahead!".


Beltamozhservice in numbers:

7 branches

10 transport and logistic centers, multimodal, with refrigeration chambers, class "A", availability of Euro gauge track

15 temporary storage warehouses

12 customs warehouses

12 public warehouses

1 free warehouse

64 points of sale and services

more than 1 mln m2 total infrastructural area

Beltamozhservice is a full member of:

- Association of International Freight Forwarders and Logistics (AIFFL);

- International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA);

- Republican Union of Customs Relations Participants (RUCRP);

- Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BelCCI).

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