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Children's art relay "Heart of My Belarus" took place in RUE "Belmytservice"

Children's art relay "Heart of My Belarus" took place in the republican unitary enterprise "Belmytservice"


What exactly was the source of inspiration and expression of the emotions of children's honesty and dreams? These are cities and villages, this land and country - this is Belarus!

The heart beats in the spring, in which the St. Sophia Cathedral, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and samples of the Slutsk sanctuary have been preserved for centuries. Here we were born, all our people. Clear-eyed and light-blond, we share bread and salt, friendship and success. Fanned with legends and myths, we look for a symbol of happiness and love on the night of Kupala. All paths lead to my parents' house - to our small land, where everything is so dear to us since childhood. It is from the land of our parents that we draw our origins, the origins of our creativity. And only then we will feel the beauty of the Belarusian soul, if we can become participants in the relay, which keeps the secrets of every corner of the blue-eyed, our little homeland.

(Creative works of children of employees of the central office of the Enterprise and the branch "Belmytvydat")

Our little Motherland, our land of amazing nature and true heroism. Reserves and sanctuaries combined with the granite of weeping and pity - they are the embodiment of the memory of always being with your country and preserving our independence.

(Creative works of children of employees of the Brest branch of the Enterprise)

Our little Motherland, in which the soul of the Slavic "bazaar" is wrapped in the reflection of lake glare and the aroma of pine trees. And it is impossible to be closer, because here are the "roots" that we have, all their strength and epics.

(Creative works of children of employees of the Vitebsk branch of the Enterprise)

Our little homeland, where the sun is on the horizon and the motley grasshoppers. Only here can we hear the purity and melody of our fields. Only here can we taste true natural wealth and harvest. Only here you can get the spirit of the hard work of Belarusians.

(Creative works of children of employees of the Gomel branch of the Enterprise)

Our little Motherland, in the heart and thoughts of which is forever generous, kind, any land and its divine become. That land and country that is best for us on the planet. Be together, and this one, looking at royal castles, religious temples and architectural monuments.

(Creative works of children of employees of the Grodno branch of the Enterprise)

Our little Motherland - the voice of the mother, the songs at the table - is the house we love so much. For the rabbi under the window, for the cornflowers in pigtails and for the childlike gleam in his eyes. In this house you will feel the power of springs, the thrill of the Belarusian song and admiration for the sparkle of Leonid. Only at home on your face draws a smile stork on the roof and a kitten in a basket.

(Creative works of children of employees of the Minsk branch of the Enterprise)

This is our little homeland. We are similar to her in everything and that is why all paths lead here. Here our land is flax and cranberry oil. Here our family is real and the canvas of friendship. Here is our strength and source of the soul! Here it rumbles with sincere excitement and care! Only it is the Heart of My Belarus!

For reference: The children's art relay "Heart of My Belarus" in the republican unitary enterprise "Belmytservice" was held during the holidays in order to identify creative potential among the children of employees of the Enterprise and ensure their maximum self-realization and aesthetic education, formation , instilling high patriotic feelings. The art relay was held throughout the company by organizing thematic competitions of creative works for children of employees under 16 years of age in the following categories: "Best Poem", "Best Drawing". My homeland ”,“ Best drawing. Customs. " The theme of the creative works of the art relay is aimed at deep and diverse disclosure of the idea of ​​love for their small homeland, as well as expanding the cultural environment and spiritual consciousness of children, development and implementation of children's socially significant initiatives in all regions of Belarus. cultural values: family, love for the homeland, historical continuity, tolerance, peace.

According to the results of the art relay, all participants will be marked with valuable gifts.

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