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Customs operations: optimizing together

The speed and quality of customs operations play an important role in the interaction of customs authorities exercising customs control with business representatives engaged in foreign economic activity.


After all, the desire to optimize the order will ultimately lead to a reduction in the timing of their implementation. The customs authorities regularly develop and conduct experiments in various areas of customs regulation. Let's talk about the work carried out in the Minsk regional customs.

In order to facilitate the export of goods, reduce the costs of exporters, since January 2019, an experiment is being conducted to exclude the placement of goods placed under the customs export procedure in customs control zones. As part of taking measures to prevent the spread of infection caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, to overcome the negative consequences of its spread, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus made a temporary decision to include all subjects of foreign economic activity - exporters in the list of experiment participants.

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Source: http://www.beltamojizdat.by

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