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During a pandemic, rail transport is used to help freight carriers. The 16th train with Belarusian goods leaves for China

In the Minsk region, at the container site of the Minsk-Beltamozhservice-2 TLC, 41 containers with 2 thousand m³ of dry dairy products were formed and sent on October 8. Having covered seven thousand kilometers, in exactly two weeks the goods will be shipped to Chisumu station (Inner Mongolia) in the PRC. By the way, this is the 16th container train sent by RUE Beltamozhservice to China this year.

The pandemic has made adjustments to international logistics and significantly complicated the development of economic partnership in the world. But these difficulties did not become an obstacle to the implementation of foreign economic projects of Belarus and the PRC within the framework of the strategic initiative "One Belt - One Road".

Two-thirds of the world's freight traffic is provided by rail. Its popularity is due not only to its versatility when moving large volumes of goods over long distances and the absence of intermediate transshipments. The maximum possible efficiency, reliability and accuracy in comparison with other delivery methods determine its demand. And a special place among the projects of the "One Belt - One Road" initiative is occupied by the transportation of goods by rail as part of organized container trains. Since 2016, RUE Beltamozhservice has been taking an active part in it as a leading national logistics operator, being simultaneously a consignee or consignor, co-operator and forwarder.

Alexander Skachkovsky, director of the Minsk branch of RUE Beltamozhservice, says:

- In our work, we are guided by an important national task to develop export relations with the Chinese side - to increase the price competitiveness of Belarusian goods. And this can be achieved, for the most part, by saving on shipping costs. Therefore, our company offers its shippers its many years of successful experience in the optimal consolidation of goods at one point of departure. I also want to note that the structure of the enterprise today includes 8 multifunctional transport and logistics centers of class "A". But only in the Minsk branch there is a functional possibility of consolidating such a volume of goods, which will make it possible to make up a whole container train. Another advantage of the branch is its location near the large international railway container hub Kolyadichi. And this is an additional cost reduction for the formation and dispatch of export container trains.

Lumber, peat, flax fiber, dry dairy products, starch are exported to China from different regions of Belarus. In the future, the parties are interested in expanding the range of these products.

The plans are to increase the frequency of container train departures and, as a result, increase the export attractiveness of Belarusian organizations. A new route is a new "thread". The more caterpillars spin silk, the stronger the belt. The more such "threads" -rails, the stronger the "canvas" of the Belarusian-Chinese economic relations.

Source: mlyn.by

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