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The number of transshipments carried out in the region of Brest Customs has recently increased by 30%.

The number of transshipments, carried out in the region of Brest Customs, has recently increased by 30%. If before July 3, about 400 transshipments were carried out per day, today their number has increased to 650, reports the website of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus..

This is due to the ban on the movement of trailers and semi-trailers, registered in Poland, across the territory of Belarus, and the need to go to specially designated places only for reloading.

At present, 785 lorry vehicles are subject to such operations at five locations in the Brest region, and 125 parking places are free.

In total, there are 20 specially designated places near the border in the regions of Brest, Grodno regional and Vitebsk customs houses, where the operations of hooking up vehicles and transshipment of goods are carried out.

RUE Beltamozhservice provides relevant services at 11 locations.

In addition to providing services on recoupling and reloading of vehicles in new temporary warehouses and temporary customs clearence zones, RUE Beltamozhservice will also provide transport and forwarding services, services on drawing up declarations and providing guarantees during customs transit, as well as services on typing and printing, photocopying of documents, taking photos for the purposes of customs declaration, printing of customs declarations and other documents, if necessary.

According to the website of the State Customs Committee of Belarus.

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