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Each of us is a man of his time. Obeying his rhythm, it is important to always be one step ahead. The modern business world poses serious challenges to us, requires deep analysis and quick response to the changing market situation. Day after day we are moving towards our success, providing our clients with a whole range of services.

Thousands of different cargoes - cars, building materials, food - move every hour from one continent to another, from city to city, from country to country. Overcoming hundreds of kilometers, by land, water, air, they end up on the domestic market or vice versa. Behind this is the work of hundreds, thousands of people, professionals in their field. Always and in everything we are guided by the interests of our clients. We offer a solution, looking for possible options. For 20 years the Minsk branch of the republican unitary enterprise Beltamozhservice, the largest logistics operator in Belarus, has been working for a consistently high result!

Throughout its history, the Minsk branch of Beltamozhservice has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner. Hundreds of the largest companies became his clients. The services are in demand by both public and private businesses. The branch is developing rapidly - and today, not only in the central region of our country, but throughout the Republic, it is recognized as a leading player in the logistics services market. And the confirmation of the overall success is the status of "Authorized Economic Operator".

Film-reportage about the Minsk branch of RUE "Beltamozhservice":

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