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The new “Customs Bulletin” is now available

The latest issue of the quarterly “Customs Bulletin” is full of up-to-date and interesting information. You can read it in the issue №8/2022 (October-December):

In the section, “Customs is business”:

- A conversation in the field of tasks (review of the issues of the meeting of the Public Advisory (expert) Council under the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus)

- Privileges, delays and other simplifications

In the column “Actual”:

- New challenges open new perspectives (interview with Sergey Dubina, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus)

In the column “International road transportation”:

- About the procedure of cargo transportation

In the column “Competent”:

- If the customs transit procedure is not finished

In the column “Workshop”:

- Customs duty and tax security

- Duty-free customs procedure: Features of removal of goods from control

In the “Law Enforcement” column:

- Prospects of administrative responsibility

In the column “After customs control”:

- New approaches

In the column “Assistance to the declarant”

- Classification of goods “professional clothing”

- Correction of goods declaration

In the column “Ideas. Innovations”:

- Digitization of international supply chains

- World Customs Organization (WCO): Goods classification of goods and digital technology

In the “E-commerce”:

- Challenges and solutions

In the column “Scientific publications”:

- The nature and content characteristic of customs administration as a legal category

- The concept, general characteristics and objectives of the interaction between customs authorities and control bodies in crime prevention

- Risk management systems: global trends and innovations

The Information is available to subscribers of the printed and electronic versions of the magazine "Customs Bulletin" (№ 8/2022). For more information on subscribing to the magazine, please visit http://www.beltamojizdat.by.

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