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A new issue of the magazine "Customs Herald"!

A new issue of the popular scientific publication "Customs Herald" has been published. In In № 1/2023 (January – March) you will learn:

In the section "Results and prospects":

– Vladimir Orlovsky: "Customs has concentrated efforts on ensuring stable operation of enterprises"

"In the spotlight"

– A story in a beautiful handwriting ... (Interview with the head of the Vitebsk customs officers team on the 30th anniversary of customs)

"Customs - business"

– New in VAT payment


– Risk management: high-precision setting


– The practice of bringing to administrative responsibility

– ATA Carnet: as a declaration of goods and transit declaration

– Statistical declaration: features and timing

"Post–customs control"

The status of goods has the meaning

"Law enforcement"

– A barrier to currency smuggling

"To help the declarant"

– “Rooibos”: fine lines of classification

– Harmonized system: solutions and explanations to the product range

"Our consultations"

– Answers to the questions of legal entities


– Q&A

"Our foreign colleagues"

– The fight against smuggling by the customs authorities of the People's Republic of China

"Scientific publications"

– Measures to protect the internal market: the essence and effectiveness of application

– Protection of intellectual property by customs authorities: the experience of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus

– Quality management of transport services based on the internal relationships of private indicators

The information is available to subscribers of the printed and electronic versions of “the Customs Herald” (№ 1/2023). Read more about subscribing to the magazine on the website http://www.beltamojizdat.by.

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