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Experience in the use of navigation seals in the movement of goods

The system of tracking international transit transport of goods using navigation devices and the results of its three-year application were presented by representatives of the State Customs Committee to colleagues from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The event was organised at the TLC Minsk-Beltamozhservice within the framework of the ongoing work to identify the controlling bodies in Belarus when carrying out transportations in mutual trade with the use of navigation seals.

This innovation is established by the Agreement on the use of navigation seals for tracking transport in the EAEU, which came into force on 3 April 2023. In particular, the document stipulates that in the event of abnormal situations in the course of transportation in mutual trade, the authorised operator, in whose territory it occurred, informs the relevant supervisory authority to take response measures. And the controlling authority, based on the results of the measures taken, informs the authorised operator about the implementation of the required actions.

In fact, from the beginning of this year, the tracking system with the use of navigation seals has been actively used by the Ministry for Emergency Situations for the movement of high-risk cargoes placed under the customs procedure of customs transit. And already today it is possible to note the necessity and efficiency of its application in the work of rescuers.

Source: SCC website.

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