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Vehicle evaluation: a new service from Beltamozhservice!

Logistics operator “Beltamozhservice” has started providing a new service – assessment of vehicles of all types and categories for submission to customs authorities. The new service is a joint project of Beltamozhservice and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The service of evaluating vehicles, as well as their individual elements, is one of the most popular types of evaluation. "Beltamozhservice" offers to apply for an assessment and to issue the necessary documents from a specialist located directly in the transport and logistics center "Minsk-Beltamozhservice", which is very convenient for the client, especially in cases of import of a vehicle into the Republic of Belarus or its export outside the country.

To receive this service, it is enough to simply contact a Beltamozhservice specialist. An appraiser of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industr will go to the location of the vehicle, will make an independent assessment of the cost promptly and professionally. The advantage of this service is obvious: the vehicle is located on the territory of the TLC, an application is submitted here, a contract is concluded, an assessment is made and the necessary documents are drawn up.

Contact Beltamozhservice specialists for a new service! To do this, in the service hall of the transport and logistics center “Minsk-Beltamozhservice” you just need to select the "Declaration" in the electronic queue terminal, then select the "Vehicle Evaluation" in the list of services and get a ticket to a specialist who will consult on all issues of evaluation.

If you have any questions, you can contact the unified short number 197, as well as the international number +375 33 911 11 97.

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