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Representatives of Beltamozhservice participate in the meetings of the EEC

The representatives of Beltamozhservice participate in the meetings that are held by the Eurasian Economic Commission in Moscow. Experts are discussing draft decisions of the EEC necessary to ensure the functioning of the mechanism for tracking transportation of goods using navigation seals.

The heads of the EAEU states signed the Agreement on the use of navigation seals for tracking transportation of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union on April 19, 2022 in Moscow. The document has the status of an international treaty and establishes the legal basis for the use of navigation seals, a new technological control tool for the transportation of goods and vehicles in the EAEU. The use of this technology allows you to monitor the vehicle online at a distance of hundreds and thousands of kilometers and record every illegal action with goods located in the sealed cargo compartment, if they take place. Due to the use of navigation seals, transparency of transportation is ensured.

The agreement is aimed at minimizing state control measures during the transportation of goods (during transit, export and within the framework of mutual trade) and ensuring their legal turnover on the territory of the EAEU. The agreement provides for the phased introduction of tracking, taking into account the categories of goods and modes of transport by which they will move. This approach will ensure a soft adaptation of transport participants and government agencies to new working conditions that meet modern requirements.

In the Republic of Belarus, the national operator of the system for tracking international transit of goods using navigation devices (seals) is RUE Beltamozhservice.

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