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Customs representative from Beltamozhservice: professional and timely

The company's customs declaration specialists work at all departmental and republican customs clearance points on behalf of the declarant or other interested persons.

Declaration of goods is one of the main functions of a customs representative. The declaration is drawn up using a special software and submitted to the customs authority. RUE "Beltamozhservice" copes with this complex and responsible process quickly and efficiently.

The goods are placed under customs procedures:

release for consumptio;


customs transit;

customs warehouse;

processing in the customs territory;

processing outside the customs territory;

processing for domestic consumption;

free customs zone;

free warehouse;

temporary importation (admission);

temporary removal;



duty-free trade;


refusal in favor of the state;

special customs procedure.

A minor mistake can lead to serious administrative and financial consequences, while the customs representative is as responsible as the declarant, therefore, the company is extremely attentive to the performance of its work.

If it is necessary to inform the customs authorities in advance about the arrival of goods on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, an EPI is provided for all goods being transported. The company also undertakes to ensure the payment of customs duties and taxes.

Based on the information received from the subjects of foreign economic activity about the goods and vehicles being transported, Beltamozhservice provides a financial guarantee (collateral) for the transportation of goods and vehicles under customs control on the territory of the countries of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, if a financial guarantee is a necessary condition for such transportation.

In accordance with the legislation, foreign trade transactions with counterparties that are residents of the Eurasian Economic Union are subject to statistical accounting.

Specialists will register a statistical declaration with the customs authority, which is a currency control document and is presented in the form of an electronic document. This is done for the purposes of statistical accounting of foreign trade transactions in terms of shipments of goods for which customs operations are not performed.

If it is necessary to declare goods purchased in third countries, when crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus, a passenger customs declaration is filled in and submitted to the customs authority.

When declaring vehicles for personal use, in addition to the passenger declaration, a document reflecting the calculation and payment of the disposal fee is registered with the customs authorities.

The relations between the customs representative and interested parties are based on a contractual basis. Thanks to competent work and clear fulfillment of obligations, the participants of foreign economic activity make a choice in favor of RUE "Beltamozhservice".

Based on the materials of the magazine "Логистика.ВУ "

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