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The magazine "Customs Bulletin", No. 11/2020 has come out of print

The magazine "Customs Bulletin", No. 11/2020 has come out of print

The Customs Bulletin is the only industrial and practical magazine in the Republic of Belarus that provides a unique opportunity to get competent answers to emerging questions in the field of customs regulation, foreign economic activity, taking into account the novelties of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In the room:

- report from the reconstructed checkpoint "Urbany";

- about the peculiarities of cross-border e-commerce;

- about innovations in declaring goods in express cargo;

- on the procedure and conditions for moving goods across the customs border of the EAEU, transported from one part of the customs territory of the Union to another part of the customs territory of the Union through the territories of states that are not members of the Union;

- about transactions between related parties;

- on the risks associated with the classification of machine parts of headings 84 or 85.

The modern information and practical magazine "Customs Bulletin" is intended for managers and specialists of enterprises - participants in foreign economic activity. The publication is devoted to the analysis of customs legislation and law enforcement practice. Contains current legal information, consultations and comments of officials of customs and other competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus.

You can subscribe to the monthly magazine "Customs Bulletin" on the website Beltamojizdat branch < / a> or any post office Belpochty .

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