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Beltamozhservice for the first time organized the production of a line of ice cream under its own trademark. Before launching our own brand - a new brand of ice cream - the preferences of lovers of sweet delicacies were determined. Therefore, an assortment of three items was developed based on the preferences of the inhabitants of Belarus, hence the name:

  • - "Marozova plambir shakaladny ў waffle cup"
  • - "Marozova plumbir with vanilla water and waffle cup"
  • - "Marozova smetankova with water vanilla and dadatkami ў wafer cup of malako" Varanaya zgushchonka "

  • Benefits of Belmytservis ice cream:

  • - ice cream, fat content 12%;
  • - natural composition, does not contain vegetable fats;
  • - improved recipe fortified with cream;
  • - high consumer properties of ice cream;
  • - the recognizable taste of a classic ice cream, familiar from childhood;
  • - produced on modern equipment using the latest technologies;
  • - quality control at all stages of production.
  • Ice cream "Belmytservis" is made at Mogilev ice cream factory , which since 1957 it has been producing dairy products according to the recipe proven over the years. Today the company is a successful manufacturer of a number of products, including ice cream, dough semi-finished products, mayonnaise, cheese desserts.

    And the most important thing! Addresses where you can choose your favorite version of ice cream:


    - a buffet located in the administrative building of TLC-1 - Brest, st. L. Ryabtseva, 45/1;

    - a buffet located in the administrative building of TLC-2 - Brest region., Brest district, Kleinikovsky s / s, 10, 2.0 km south-west of ag. Kleiniki;

    - shop number 6, located in the RPTO "Kozlovichi" - Brest region., Brest, st. Kleinikovskaya, 121, checkpoint "Kozlovichi-Kukuryki".


    - a pavilion located in the RPTO "Berestovitsa" - Grodno region., Berestovitsky district, Pogranichny s / s, ag. Border, customs clearance point "Berestovitsa.

    Minsk region

    - a cafe located on the territory of TLC-1 - Minsk region, Minsk district, Shchomyslitsky s / s, 17 km of the Minsk-Dzerzhinsk highway;

    - a cafe located on the territory of TLC-2 - Minsk region, Minsk district, Senitsky s / s, 27/3, district of the village of Shchitomirichi;

    - a coffee shop located at Minsk, st. Lermontov, 27;


    - store-bar "Beltamozhservice", located at the address Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Ave., 24

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