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Where is Tax-Free returned in Borisov?

The only operator of the Tax Free system in Belarus, RUE Beltamozhservis, has granted the right to refund value added tax to nine shopping facilities in Borisov.

Tax Free is a system for refunding value added tax for purchases made on the territory of our country to non-residents of the Eurasian Economic Union , which includes: the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic ...

In Belarus, the Tax Free system applies to all goods taxed at a rate of 20%, and provides for a return of 15% of the purchase amount excluding VAT.

The service is available when purchasing goods within one day in one store operating under the Tax Free system, in the amount of more than 80 (BYN) Belarusian rubles.

In Borisov Tax Free is returned in nine retail outlets and in three more in Zhodino:

  • - Shop "KARI", IOOO "KARIOBUV" (48 Gagarin st., TC "Almi");
  • - Shoe store "Marko", holding "Belarusian leather and shoe company" Marko "(107 Gagarina st., TC" Euroopt ");
  • - Jewelry store "ZIKO", LLC "ZIKO" (ave. Revolution 27a);
  • - Supermarket for children "Buslik", LLC "DPM" (107 Gagarina st., TC "Euroopt");
  • - Department store "Vesta", JSC "Vesta-Borisov", (Gagarina st. 105a);
  • - Jewelry store "Zhemchuzhina", JSC "BELYUVELIRTORG" (ave. Revolution 19)
  • - Jewelry store "Golden Dream", LLC "Zalant Group", (street of the 3rd International 5, TC "Crown");
  • - Jewelry store "Golden Dream", LLC "Zalant Group", (107 Gagarina street, TC "Euroopt";
  • - Jewelry store "Tsarskoe Zoloto", LLC "Zalant Group" (5 3rd International St., TC "Crown").

  • Three more VAT refundable stores are located in neighboring Zhodino:

  • - Jewelry store, ZIKO LLC, (22 Lenin Ave., Elegant shopping center);
  • - Brand store "Elema", JSC "Elema", (22 Lenin Ave., shopping center "Elegant");
  • - Jewelry store "Golden Dream", LLC "Zalant Group", (Lenin Ave. 21/2).

  • Source: ex-press.by

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