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Anniversary of the Minsk branch of RUE "Belmytservice"

Belarusian companies increase cargo deliveries to China and European countries. One of the main modes of transport is rail. So, only since the beginning of the year more than 15 freight trains have been sent to China. The Minsk branch of the largest logistics operator of Belarus RUE "Belmytservice" plays an important role in the supply and transit of products.

On how to choose a profession and learn to manage loads on land, water and in the sky - Alexei Kondratenko.

From Borisov - lumber, from Slutsk - dairy products. Goods from the Minsk region periodically & quot; travel & quot; for seven and more thousand miles. Exports to China are one of the strategically important areas of trade, where the key role is in rail transport. This year, more than 15 trains have been sent to China from all over the country. A significant amount of work is carried out by the Minsk branch of the largest logistics operator in Belarus Belmytservice.

One of the main technical assistants of the trade and logistics center - Richstarker. A special car is a real virtuoso of his craft. However, for customs and logistics - in the first place staff. For example, the capital's universities, BNTU and BSU, provide young specialists for various structures. Belmytnyaservis held an open day for them today. This is an opportunity to back up theory with practice.

By the way, in addition to cars and trains, logisticians are increasingly using air transport. Today the representatives of the Belarusian National Technical University presented a symbolic torch of friendship to its management as a sign of cooperation with the largest Belarusian logistics operator. Thus, two structures celebrated their anniversaries: the Minsk branch of RUE & quot; Belmytservice & quot; - 20, and BNTU - 100 years.

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