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Beltamozhservice: stockbroker service

Beltamozhservice has acquired the status of a stockbroker in 2019. Since then, the company has been actively using the exchange mechanism as a modern and effective tool for conducting trade and procurement activities. Since April 2023, Beltamozhservice has received a broker on the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange.

As a stockbroker, Beltamozhservice assists both Belarusian and foreign companies in concluding transactions on the exchange-trading platform – the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange. One of the significant joint projects of BUTB and Beltamozhservice in recent years has been the organization of export deliveries of Belarusian goods to China by container transportation.

Practice shows that the use of stockbroker services provides higher efficiency compared to independent participation in trading, because:

– a broker is a professional market participant with extensive experience working on electronic exchange platforms;

– a broker is interested in making transactions on the most favorable terms for the client;

– a broker, as a rule, assumes part of the risks associated with payment, quality control and delivery of goods;

– a broker saves the client's time by allowing him to focus on his business;

– a broker can simultaneously participate in stock trading in different commodity directions.

Using the service of a stockbroker from Beltamozhservice, together with the purchase and sale transaction, the client receives optimal transport and logistics solutions in a complex.

Additional information about the stockbroker's service can be obtained by calling a unified short number 197, as well as an international number +375 33 911 11 97 .

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