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Dear women, dear mothers!

From all the staff of the republican unitary enterprise "Belmytservice" accept sincere and cordial congratulations on Mother's Day!

For centuries, every member of the fair sex is shrouded in a halo of motherhood. Motherhood is greatness and holiness, the most important mission of a woman, connected with the birth and upbringing of children. Your role in preserving and strengthening the spiritual values ​​and moral ideals of society is preserved in a simple and familiar from birth word - MOTHER!

Mother's Day, among the many holidays, has a special place in the heart of each of us, because motherly love makes us stronger, helps us overcome adversity and believe in success.

Dear women, on the day of your holiday, the day when everyone is openly committed to your work 24 hours 7 days a week without weekends, I wish that this work always brings tremendous and inexhaustible inspiration, harmony and warmth!


A low bow to you and the most sincere words of gratitude! We wish you to always have the highest reward for professional success - selfless love of children, heartfelt hugs of loved ones and pride in their achievements!

We wish you good health, well-being in the family and many unforgettable moments in life!

General Director of RUE "Belmytservice"

Vadim Babarikin

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