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Employees of RUE "Beltamozhservice": it is important to improve information technologies

Employees of RUE "Beltamozhservice" took part in a seminar on the topic of improving information technologies in the customs business of the EAEU and the Republic of Belarus.

At the seminar, which was attended by representatives of the Main Directorate for Development and Sales and Management of Information Technologies and Communications, the following topics were discussed on the implementation of the principles of "one-time submission of information" in the interaction of foreign economic activity participants with customs and other state bodies, the use of navigation seals in the EAEU: prospects, goals and procedure for use, practical aspects of customs declaration using the PP "E-declarant".

During a seminar on improving information technology in the customs business of the EAEU and the Republic of Belarus, the following issues were clarified:

1. Is it possible to include a list of valid certificates of conformity, declarations of conformity for products of the EAEU states, subject to mandatory certification, into the program of the checkpoint "E-Declarant" in order to optimize the workflow of a customs declaration specialist?

2. Topical aspects of synchronization of the E-declarant with the customs authorities APS TTS in the field of updating non-tariff measures related to the transit of goods.

3. What measures are taken in the absence of a full-fledged document exchange system between the declarant and the customs authority?

4. Lack of a software product that ensures the availability of all information about the actions of customs authorities in relation to the declaration of goods (all versions of requirements, control of the timing of their fulfillment, automatic calculation of the amounts of collateral and informing the declarant about the amounts of necessary collateral, information on the results of examinations, terms, dates, information on completion ), information about all operations of customs control in relation to the goods, their chronology and information about changes in previously entered information, etc.).

5. Insufficient amount of information sent to the owner of the temporary storage warehouse by the customs authority within the framework of his notification of the release of goods in accordance with paragraph 6 of Art. 118 of the Code. At present, such notification is limited to information on the issue number and gross weight of goods, which is often not enough to make a decision on the possibility of exporting goods within the temporary storage warehouse. This significantly complicates the work of the temporary storage warehouse and slows down the process of releasing vehicles outside the temporary storage warehouse and issuing goods for all interested parties.

The employees of RUE "Beltamozhservice" noted the importance and relevance of the topics discussed during the seminar, as well as the opportunity to participate in such a discussion.

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