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The results of the year were summarized in the Brest branch of “Beltamozhservice”

On February 15 the Brest branch of “Beltamozhservice” summarized the results of its work. The Director General of “Beltamozhservice” Vadzim Babarykin and Head of Brest Customs, Class I Advisor Customs Service Sergey Yakuta, took part in the event. Director of the Brest branch Vitaly Baldowski reported on the work of the branch in 2022.

At the end of 2022 the Brest branch took the first place among branches of the company. The Director General of “Beltamozhservice” Vadzim Babarykin thanked the employees of the Brest branch for the well-coordinated work for the benefit of the company and the country and handed over the diploma for the first place and the badge “Winner – 2022” to Vitaly Baldowski.

Head of the Brest Customs Sergey Yakuta expressed his gratitude to the Head of Brest branch for the effective cooperation, clear and well-coordinated work in organizing the interaction in the customs sector and creating the necessary conditions for it.

As part of the event, the best employees of the Brest branch were awarded for the results of the year.

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