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Marking of goods in RUE "Beltamozhservice"

RUE "Beltamozhservice" provides a full range of services for product labeling: excise stamps, control (identification) signs, signs with a radio frequency tag (RFID-tag), sticker, as well as applying DataMatrix codes.789.jpg

According to Decree No. 243, the procedure for marking goods in our country has changed since July 8, 2021. The marking system that has entered into force uses a two-dimensional matrix barcode of the GS1 DataMatrix type. The supplier company generates it, coding information about its product, the date of manufacture, expiration date, weight, batch number, batch number. The buyer can scan it using a special mobile application and get the necessary information about the product. After the purchase, the life cycle of the code ends, it is marked in the database and is removed from circulation.

This technology known since the mid-2000s., besides there are many systems based on bar coding. It is worth remembering the EAN (European Article Number) - a barcode familiar to everyone, which is nowadays on the packaging of almost all goods, or a QR code - similar to DataMatrix, but larger and older. The only thing is that all these coding systems are more suitable for the chain when goods supplying from the manufacturer to the store shelf. The codes on the packaging are easy to read along the entire route of the goods. The storekeepers of the manufacturer, employees of logistics companies, acceptance in the store use the codes.

It is convenient - you do not have to look for the right box among the mass of others. However, how to protect the product? This is a moment, where other systems come into play, for example RFID, tags in the form of stickers that work based on a radio signal. Each of us has seen more than once in stores - they protect goods from theft. Holograms or holographic stickers attached to the products help to make sure that the goods are not fake.

You can always contact RUE "Beltamozhservice" and get qualified assistance on any issue related to the labeling of goods by phone: 197, +375 17 500-17-48; +375 17 500-92-18., As well as by contacting one of the e-mail addresses: ved@minsk.declarant.by; logbts2@minsk.declarant.by.

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