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A new container "thread" to the Celestial Empire

When some doors close, others always open. The main thing is to see them in time. Thus, Belarusian enterprises promptly made up for losses on the European market due to the growing markets of the Russian Federation and the countries of the far arc. We have witnessed the transformation of not only the decades-old international trade relations, but also the usual logistics. New logistics logic… What does it look like in the Gomel region? This was discussed with the director of the Gomel branch of the republican unitary enterprise "Beltamozhservice" Natalia LEONOVA.

– Natalia Sergeevna, please tell us about the creation of a new container "thread" from the Blue-eyed to the Celestial Empire. 

– In 2022, RUE Beltamozhservice began work on creating an absolutely new point on the way of accelerated container trains to and from the People's Republic of China. The timetable for the Centrolit station was agreed upon by the Belarusian Railway, and in February of 2023 the first train left from here. 62 containers with products of Belarusian woodworking enterprises were delivered to Chinese consumers. We have carried out terminal cargo handling at the infrastructure of the "Gomelzheldortrans" enterprise. Over a two-month period several container trains have already been sent from the Centrolit station. The successful organization of the project has become an important event for the economy of the region. An additional container "thread" has appeared in the country as part of the development of the "Belt and Road" initiative.

Read the full version of the interview with Natalia Leonova, Director of the Gomel branch of Beltamozhservice, in the latest issue of the industrial and practical magazine "Логистика.by ".

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