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Duty-free import of goods

When the cost, weight and (or) quantity of imported goods exceeds the norms of duty-free import, it is necessary to include information about all transported goods, except used goods and necessary ones en route, in the passenger customs declaration.

Until October 1st, 2023 the duty-free import rates have been increased from 500 euros and 25 kg to 1000 euros and 31 kg for goods transported by land transport.

The criteria for classifying goods as used and necessary en route and destination are defined in paragraph 2 of the notes to Annex № 1 to the Decision of the EEC Council of December 20, 2017 № 107.

Situation: An individual returns from a trip, carries with him a suitcase with used personal belongings (clothes, hygiene products, etc.) weighing 7 kg, and also purchased a table weighing 18 kg and costing 1000 euros, food weighing 4 kg and costing 200 euros.

Solution: In this case, the duty-free import rate is exceeded by 200 euros. An individual must state all purchased goods (table, food) in the declaration.

Source: telegram channel of the customs authorities of Belarus.

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