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Reload/recoupling all-day round-the-clock service

According to the Decree of the Council Ministers of the Republic of Belarus fr om 22.04.2022 №247 “About the movement of vehicles”, the movement of trucks and tractors, registered in the member states of the European Union, is prohibited on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

According to the Annex 1 of the Decree, a list of 18 specially designated places of cargo operations and (or) transshipment has been defined. RUE “Beltamozhservice” provides relevant services at 8 locations.

RUE “Beltamozhservice” provides services for the registration of transit declarations, guarantees for transit of goods, including the territory of the EU (T-1), as well as other related services at all places wh ere goods arrive.

A special advantage – the multimodality of the TLC “Brest-Beltamozhservice”

Special mention should be made of the "Brest-Beltamozhservice - 3" Transport and Logistics Center. This TLC has a unique advantage for the Belarusian transport system: the availability of a wide and a narrow-gauge railway. Due to this fact, the containers are reloaded from the European gauge (1435 mm) to the Belarusian and Russian broad gauge (1520 mm) or vice versa and transported to their destination. In addition to reloading of cargoes, which are transported by road, we also provide transportation.

Read about this and much more in the №1/2023 of the industrial and practical magazine “Logistika.by”..

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