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"The time of crossing the border can be booked in advance, and the car number is read automatically." How does the free electronic queue system at the entrance to the Bruzgi checkpoint work?

Just the other day, the electronic queue system for entering the "Bruzgi" began to work not in a test, but in the usual mode. Now more and more heavy trucks and cars pass through it, which need to cross the Belarusian-Polish border. The time when trucks lined up in a long line at the side of the road seems to have irrevocably sunk into oblivion. For information on how the new system works, in the material correspondent « GP .

A bright board hangs at the entrance to the waiting area at the barrier. On it, in large letters, information is displayed that you need to take a ticket from a specially installed machine nearby. At this point, the cameras automatically read the vehicle number. A monitor with a multilingual interface, on which everything is detailed, works on the principle of an infokiosk: simple, accessible, with just a few clear clicks. As a last resort, you can press the button to contact the operator.

- Cars enter the parking lot through three channels: for trucks, cars, and separately for those who paid for the electronic queue by booking a specific border crossing time in advance, - explains the head of the waiting area Oleg Karpovich. - The technique works very simply. There is a button to call the operator if you have any questions. After pressing several buttons, the system issues a ticket, the barrier opens - and you can safely go to the parking lot. The coupon helps to resolve controversial issues, records when the car entered the territory, how many more cars are in the queue in front of it.

The area in the waiting area is designed for 160 trucks and 210 cars. There are several dozen trucks in the parking lot, but there are not many cars so far - passing the electronic queue, all of them can immediately move to the checkpoint. The trucks have to wait until their number is displayed on a large electronic board. Upon seeing it, the driver will know that the time of registration has come and will head from the parking lot to the border guard post.

- The electronic queue system is designed not so much to speed up the border crossing process as to streamline and simplify it, - continues Oleg Karpovich. - We all remember how trucks stood on the sidelines for hours. One driver could miss someone, others did not like it. Conflicts arose. Now everyone has to observe the queue. Dangerous and perishable goods are in priority. In such cases, the driver provides the operator with supporting documents in order to get into the priority database. But arguments like “I have a birthday” or “really need it” don't work here.

The service, by the way, is free. In Lithuania, for example, seasoned truckers say that you need to pay 10 euros to be in the electronic queue if you stand in the waiting area for more than an hour. Here, only those who need a list of the border at a specific time interval pay. In this case, you can order a reservation through a special service belarusborder.by. The price is the same for everyone - the base value, or 27 rubles. The main condition is not to be late. You can also make a reservation on the spot with the operator, as one of the drivers did. Vitaly has been working in the field of transportation for about 20 years - he delivers goods from Russia to Europe.

- An electronic queue is good, because drivers have the opportunity to calmly park and relax. It is convenient, but I would like to have some kind of additional warning system, in addition to electronic displays. You are afraid to be distracted for a long time and miss your number, - Vitaly admits.

Drivers really have such a question periodically, but soon they promise to solve it with the help of a mobile notification. Everyone will be able to leave their number and when their turn comes, they will call him and warn about it. In addition, this week three additional electronic displays will be installed in the waiting area so that they can be seen from any point.

- We are always in touch with customers, we take into account the wishes and comments of the drivers in order to build the most harmonious system, - says Oleg Karpovich.

Burger King and a store will open in the waiting area soon. In the future, it is planned to equip shower rooms for drivers here. Negotiations are underway with BPS-Sberbank to install an ATM on the territory, inwhich will be able to withdraw not only Belarusian rubles, but also currency. An operator works around the clock on site to regulate and control the flow of cars.

- We monitor the entry and exit of vehicles through cameras, communicate with drivers, sell reservations on the spot, control dangerous and perishable goods, - says the operator of the electronic queue Daniil Labor. - We work around the clock in five shifts. So far, one specialist is taking over, but in the future, when the flow of passenger cars increases, several people will work at the same time.

The base of the electronic queue for specialists is joint with border guards. Operators are also constantly in touch with them: when too many trucks or cars accumulate in the waiting area, the border service is in the know and, taking this into account, also tries to adjust its work.

- The electronic queue system, of course, optimizes the work of border guards, allowing you to maintain the continuity and rhythm of border clearance. The introduction of the system at one of the largest checkpoints on the Belarusian-Polish border helped to streamline the formation of queues from vehicles waiting to enter. This also means that the prerequisites for the emergence of conflict situations, which were often generated by the attempts of some citizens to take not their place among those waiting, have decreased, - said the official representative of the Grodno border group Nadezhda Masevich.

The project to create a waiting area near the Bruzgi checkpoint was implemented by SIRIUSKARGO LLC. RUE "Beltamozhservice" was defined as the operator of the electronic queue system.

- The company has developed a software package that provides information interaction between operators of waiting areas and checkpoints at the state border and allows you to book the time of entry to the checkpoint for both trucks and cars via the Internet, - said the Deputy Director of Grodno branch of RUE Beltamozhservice Natalya Leonova. - The project is very important for our region and the country as a whole, as it helps to improve the procedure for passing the state border, create comfortable conditions for crossing it, increase transit attractiveness and resolve the issue with the condition of roads and roadsides.

By the way, last year "Beltamozhservice" won an open auction and received the rights to a land plot with an area of ​​more than 5 hectares near the Benyakoni agro-town of the Voronovo region. Here, the company has started a new project for the construction of a waiting area with the introduction of an electronic queue system for entering the Benyakoni checkpoint. The design work is already being completed. It is planned to open a mini-market with a cafe on the territory of the complex, equip shower cabins with washing machines. In short, everything is for comfort.

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