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Violations of the requirements for the reloading/recoupling system

Polish and Lithuanian carriers commit about 90% of violations of the requirements to the transit of European trucks to the designated places at the customs border the State Customs Committee (SCC) of the Republic of Belarus said.

Since the Council of Ministers Decree № 247 of April 22, 2022, which regulates the new rules of movement of goods, customs authorities have identified about 8.6 thousand cases of non-compliance, said the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

"Drivers are administratively liable under Article 18.36 or Article 24.3 of the Administrative Offenses Code. In most cases, the violations are related to the failure to comply with the requirements of the customs authorities to move to a specially designated place or to transport goods without the required permit. Illegal movement of foreign vehicles is often registered on the Belarusian-Russian section of the border, while at the gas stations, located in different regions of the country," the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus said.

The committee also pointed out that Belarus, in comparison with the European Union, has retained the possibility of transporting goods to and from the EU countries. Trucks of European carriers go to specially equipped places along the border to reload goods or recouple vehicles. After the cargo operations are completed, carriers registered in the EAEU member states are involved in further international transportation. Today up to 1.8 thousand such operations carried out every day.

The SCC urged foreign carriers to comply with the norms established by the Belarusian legislation.

The legislation defines 18 specially designated locations for transshipment and reloading operations. They include a number of infrastructure facilities of RUE Beltamozhservice: TLC Brest-Beltamozhservice, TLC Brest-Beltamozhservice-2, TLC Brest-Beltamozhservice-3, TLC Kamenny Log-Beltamozhservice, and waiting areas with electronic queuing systems for vehicles (transshipment operations): Benyakoni, Berestovitsa, Grigorovshchina, Urbany (location in the village of Murazhi, highway H2126).

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