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Customs declaration services from Beltamozhservice

Beltamozhservice, as a customs representative, offers customers services for the customs declaration of goods. Declaration of goods is a declaration by the declarant to the customs authority of information about the goods, about the chosen customs procedure and (or) other information necessary for the release of goods.

One of the main functions of the customs representative is the declaration of goods (imported, exported, or in transit) using special software products. Drawing up a declaration and submitting it to the customs authorities is a complex and responsible process. Belarusian customs legislation is regulated by a significant number of regulatory legal acts. Any trifle that the client may consider insignificant due to inexperience can affect the amount of payments paid, and, as a result, can lead to serious administrative and financial consequences. Therefore, the role of a highly qualified customs declaration specialist is very important and in demand.

Beltamozhservice has all the possibilities of placing the client's goods under any customs procedure:

– the procedure of release for domestic consumption;

– export procedure;

– customs warehouse procedure;

– processig procedure outside the customs territory;

– processing procedure in the customs territory;

– the procedure of temporary removal;

– reimport procedure;

– the procedure of a free customs zone;

– the destruction procedure;

– the procedure of temporary importation (admission);

– the procedure of refusal in favor of the state;

– free warehouse procedure;

– special customs procedure;

– re-export procedure;

– the procedure of duty-free trade;

– customs transit procedure.

The staff of Beltamozhservice has a significant number of highly qualified and experienced customs declaration specialists, who are located in both republican and internal customs clearance points. They are ready to draw up and submit the necessary documents to the customs authority in a timely manner. Turning to Beltamozhservice specialists, the client receives high-quality service at an affordable price.

Beltamozhservice is a reliable partner in the provision of goods declaration services.

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