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In tune with the times

The year 2022 was no less dramatic for the logistics industry than previous years. Covid restrictions have not yet gone into the past, as the world as a whole, and transportation and logistics companies are no exception in this regard, have faced new challenges. The current geopolitical and economic situation has led to shocks and serious changes in logistics, especially in the container transportation segment. The existing sanctions have disrupted well established cargo transportation chains. In this regard, shippers are directing their efforts to find a way out of this situation and create new logistics chains, including container transportation, which is a very convenient and affordable way to deliver goods. Containerization of logistics and reorientation of transport routes have become the leading development trends of the logistics industry in 2022.

Beltamozhservice as being one of the leaders in the container transportation market in the region, builds its activities in accordance with the current trends - only if one is oriented and adapted in time, it is possible to minimize shocks and achieve good results.

The U-turn of Belarusian exporters to the East and Southeast has determined the demand for the development of logistic routes in this direction. Beltamozhservice is actively working on the redirection of trade routes to the ports of Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran. The company has concluded agreements with the largest Russian ports: St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, and Novorossiysk. Beltamozhservice presents its services at the leading business forums and exhibitions.

The experience of the company's participation in a major international project for the development of the New Silk Road is in demand today. Since 2016, Beltamozhservice has been providing services for the delivery of goods to China and back by rail in organized container trains. Having its own access roads and container sites with a developed technological infrastructure, the company successfully performs the role of a link on the route Asia - Europe and back.

An important advantage of the company in the implementation of container transportation is also the presence at the company of its own rolling stock of 80-foot platforms, equipped with 40-foot universal containers.

An important point is that “Beltamozhservice” performs as both as a receiving and a sending side, as well as serves transit flows. Receiving imported cargoes at the railway stations of Belarus, the company carries out their terminal and customs processing, delivery to the final consumer “to the door”. “Beltamozhservice” also consolidates at its terminals export cargoes of Belarusian manufacturers (sawn timber, products of light and chemical industry, dairy products, sugar, starch, etc.). These products are regularly sent to China in container trains. Producers receive a full range of services for the delivery of goods to the final consumer.

Container shipping is a perspective direction of railway transportation, and extra by road, air or sea transportation, container transportation is a popular multimodal logistics solution.

Given the current trends (and experts predict that they will continue in the short term), the container freight segment has become one of the most dynamically developing in the current year. “Beltamozhservice”, moving with the times, will continue to expand in this area. To this end, the company will continue to invest in infrastructure. November 3, the company was registered as a resident of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park “Great Stone”. “Beltamozhservice” plans to implement an investment project in “Great Stone” to build a modern transport and logistics center. It will be a universal multimodal terminal capable of consolidating and handling various categories of cargo that arriving by road, air and rail transport. The National Airport “Minsk” is located in the immediate vicinity of the facility, as well as the railway infrastructure, which will allow to connect the routes of railway transportation routes in the direction of the Russian Federation and other EAEU countries, as well as the countries of the “far arc”.

An important point in the development of container transportation was the commissioning of a multimodal terminal in Brest, which put into practice a unique advantage of the Belarusian transport system - the availability of wide and narrow gauge rail formats. At this TLC Brest-Beltamozhservice-3, containers are reloaded from European rail gauge (1435 mm) onto Belarusian and Russian wide gauge trains (1520 mm) or alternatively transported to their destination. After reaching full production capacity, this transport and logistics center will become one of the most important transport and logistics hubs on the New Silk Road.

"Beltamozhservice" in all areas of its activity is guided by an individual approach to the provision of logistics services, the specialists of the company offer the client a specially designed and effective service, taking into account current trends and solving the problems set. This is the secret of the company's leadership in the logistics services market and confidence in the future. The motto of Beltamozhservice "Always on time!" confirms it best.

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